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FLSA Shutdown Lawsuit 2019

AMA-DP Shutdown Order 12012020
Filed on behalf of AMA member DP - Order denying motion to dismiss claims related to the 2019 government shutdown
AMA-DP SHUTDOWN - Order Denying Motion t[...]
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AMA counsel Clark Hill filed a lawsuit on behalf of AMA member DP for claims related to the 2019 government shutdown. On December 1, 2020 judge PATRICIA E. CAMPBELL-SMITH denied the United State's motion to dismess:


IV.      Conclusion


Accordingly, for the foregoing reasons:

(1)      Defendant’s motion to dismiss, ECF No. 23, is DENIED;

(2)      On or before January 29, 2021, defendant is directed to FILE an answer or otherwise respond to plaintiffs’ complaint; and

(3)      On or before January 29, 2021, the parties are directed to CONFER and FILE a joint status report informing the court of their positions on the consolidation of this case with any other matters before the court.



Thousands of TSA employees have signed up for the Clark Hill suit, and the firm will update parties to the suit as information becomes available. We expect that during the next few conferences, there will be a move to consolidate all of the similar suits related to the 2019 shutdown. 

The law firm has filed a lawsuit on behalf of all employees affected by the partial government shutdown. The firm will focus on TSA employees and FAMs specifically. Please return your completed forms to .


CH Shutdown Consent Form
CH Shutdown Consent Form.PDF
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CH Shutdown Retainer Agreement
CH Shutdown Retainer Agreement.PDF
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This suit is managed directly by our partners, Clark Hill PLLC. Any communication regarding this suit will be disseminated by the firm directly using the list of individuals who have signed and returned the consent and retainer directly to them.



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