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OPM Disability Retirement


A critical benefit for FAMS!


The AMA has helped hundred of FAMs navigate the OPM Disability Retirement process, and move on from the job with a guaranteed income at or above thier expected pension. In the age of COVID, this benefit may be a lifesaver.


For information on disability retirement directly from OPM, visit:


As an option for those who cannot get vaccinated, we encourage you to explore the option of OPM disability retirement.


Most FAMs have medical conditions that make them ‘less than’ 100% - as far as the FAM Service is concerned, you are either 100% or zero. A medical removal almost certainly guarantees an OPM disability retirement, and FAM Medical will initiate a non disciplinary removal for those not medically fit for duty.


OPM disability retirement pays an annuity of 60% the first year, and 40% thereafter – at regular retirement, most 20 year FAMs will only get 34% at 1.7% earned per year making the disability retirement the better immediate financial option.


As an added perk, you continue to earn years of federal service for each year after retirement up until age 62, further adding 1% per year to your regular retirement earnings percentage at age 62.


For anyone who cannot vaccinate, it is clearly in your best interest to visit your doctor and discuss the many medical challenges a FAM faces after a career in the air and behind a badge. The AMA has a list of disqualifying conditions for you to discuss with your medical provider.


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