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COVID-19 and OWCP claims

The agency has put out guidance for any FAM that has an existing medical condition and may be at risk with regards to COVID-19 exposure. The agency has been very accommodating, as has taken a 'no questions asked' position about granting leave at this time. 


Contact your AMA Delegate or AMA admin if you are unsure about disclosing medical information to the agency.  

FAMs who test positive for the Coronavirus COVID-19 can rest easy: the AMA has a roadmap for claims!


Our OWCP Specialist will navigate you through the unique and complex process of benefits application and approval for an infectious disease claim.


First and foremost, follow the CDC guidelines for prevention.


Call your doctor if you are exhibiting flu like symptoms and have traveled to an area with an outbreak. Your doctor will likely work with the CDC to arrange COVID-19 testing. If you should test positive, contact us immediately and we will walk you through filing your OWCP claim and if you need it, help you with your medical narrative.


We have a prepared a template to help your doctor complete the medical narrative you will require.


Only the AMA has the knowledge and experience to foresee and address the unique and complex qualities of an infectious disease claim as it relates to our profession. Remember, a wrong step at any point in the process will jeopardize your claim.


Any member needing OWCP assistance should contact 


We will keep you updated as new information arises.


Fly safe



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