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Air Marshal Association


Our predecessor association, FAMSNJ, was formed in 2009. We merged with another group of unrepresented TSA employees to be the OLE component of a TSA-wide professional organization. It became apparent that FAMs stood alone, both in the severity of discipline and the lack of avenues of redress. In March of 2013, the FAMs split away and formed the AMA under the guidance of the Communication Workers of America/AFL-CIO. It became quickly apparent that a traditional union was not a good fit for federal agents, so in 2015 we ended our affiliation with the CWA and formed the Air Marshal Association. 


The AMA Executive board consists of:


John Casaretti (President)

Sam Robbins

Jerry McCarthy
Juan Carrillo


The AMA developed an organizational plan focused primarily on representation during all levels of discipline; our legal services are unmatched by any PLI plan. We offer representation far above similar professional organizations.


The AMA has the membership numbers, attorneys, and political insight needed to challenge unfair workplace practices and engage the Agency and Congress. The AMA focuses on solutions to the challenges that Federal Air Marshals face, and we wecome respectful and productive dialogue with anyone concerned about Transportation Security or Government Efficiency.



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